Now, a few days before the first UCI Trials Worldcup, it’s time to report what was going on the last weeks:
After a good wintertraining I should fight at an MMA-FightNight. But there was no opponent, so I had to end the winter without any fight. I concentrated myself on the trials sport and trained hard… Untill the nightshift where it happend. Without any bike or other sport devices… I left the car and stumbeled over a concrete pedestal… and my thumb was broken… damn... 4 weeks before the first competition 🙁

So, I had no choyce… As soon as my doc gave me the permission, I borrowed a unicycle to keep my balance… I started to have fun only on this unique wheel… (Later it was a must for me to by it!!)

My sports doctor let create a special protector for my thump so I could go back on my bike very soon. I was lucky, the x-ray showed up a good healing, so I could start training normal trials just before the first competition in Berlin.
I was very happy and showed a quite solid no-risk-competition. With the second place as result I was really happy.

A few weeks later, after another permission of the doc!!! … I was alloud to go to France for the ozonys days and then directly to a training-week in Catalunya. Allways wearing my protector I could profit well from this hard week. We finished this week with the very nice competition in the city of Barcelona.

Then, during my army-service, I was allowed to go to Germany on saturday, and to Belgium on sunday: 2 days of competiton in different places. With rain, snow, wind and sun I had a perfect last round and endet up on the podium in Kluisbergen.

My thumb was allready quite healed but for the swiss national team camp I should still wear it. The camp was good and I learend a lot. The competition on sunday, right after the camp, was then not so good. I was some kind of tired and the sections were little too hard for me. But this first Swisscup was so nice to ride with my boyz from our trials club.
So finally we went to Lenzerheide for our lovely whitsun trials club trainingscamp. With 26 riders and couple of staffs we had 3 happy days in the swiss mountains!

Allright… That’s the news… Now I’m looking forward for the upcoming Worldcup in Krakow and want to give a nice race!