Last weekend was the first trials worldcup, in Krakow (Poland). The weather was perfect, the sections hard but interessting and my feeling was quite good. During the semi finals I had big troubels in the stone section, puting a foot on a rock. I fell backwards but could still continue this section. So I had to try this rock… and… cleaned it… So, in the next round I could clean it without any penalty points in the whole section… With the rest of the semifinal I am happy. I could run as I wanted to… This is how I like it!!
At the end of the race I was standing on place three… and so I was qualified for the first final in the season 2016!
The sections changed a lot for the final. They where very long and a lot more difficult than the semi. I walked through the sections and tryed to imagine how I could drive through.
With the beginning of the race I became a little nervous, but in the first section it stopped. So I could show a good riding from my part. Two little mistakes, but maybe the where needed to prevent more penalties… the rest of the final run was great for me. The best one was the last jump on the cabledrum. I just had to clean it… With the nose-jump, which makes me very proud.
So I fininished on 3rd place with a big smile. Very happy with this result, I hope now I can build on with this experience!!!
Next stop will be the Swisscup in Tramelan… So, see you there!!!